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Online Program

An ONLINE PROGRAM designed for independent learners with FLEXIBLE TIME and EASY ACCESS.

S.O.S Program

24/7 solution to homework and practice questions with detailed explanations from experts.

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Find high-quality worksheets to supplement your learning. Search by subject or grade level for resources customised for specific topics and curriculum.

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Enrichment Courses

Series of enrichment video classes that provide supplemental learning experiences going beyond the regular classroom set-up

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Entrance Exam Preparation

Flexible schedule choices for students preparing for International Entrance Exams

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Offline Program

An OFFLINE PROGRAM for helping and guiding students from various schools and curriculums with their studies based on their DISTINCTIVE NEEDS.

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What Our Users Say


(SMAN 22 Bandung)

By using the S.O.S. Program as my study-buddy, I am able to ask the questions I would like to ask, learn about subjects and topics–particularly those that I find difficult to understand.

My grade at school has increased a lot. I even received the top grade in class–Rank 1! With help from HOTs Education, my learning process has gotten easier, which has sped up my comprehension of the materials. Thank you, HOTs Education!


(SMA Santa Laurensia Jakarta)

S.O.S Program helped me perfect my college personal statements, earning me a spot at my dream university: University of Waterloo!

The teachers relentlessly proofread all my essays in any time of the day, which greatly developed my stories into a whole other level


(Binus School Bekasi)

I have gained a lot from the S.O.S program. My grades have greatly improved, and I can understand the topics that I didn't understand before through the program. I've also developed some insight because not all teachers have the same perspective on the topic itself, which helped me gain more knowledge.

It mostly helps me with trying to solve questions I do not understand. So, in my opinion, the S.O.S program is indeed really helpful!


(SMAN 78 Jakarta)

The S.O.S Program has helped me a lot in my school. My scores have improved a lot, and thankfully, I got straight As.

SOLUTIONS helped me with my schoolwork and TS CLASS helped me understand school materials clearly.

Zaki Muhammad Fauzi.

(SMAN 22 Bandung)

The S.O.S Program from HOTs Education has provided me with a new and amazing learning experience!

By using SOLUTIONS, I can easily solve difficult problems anytime and anywhere because it's available 24/7. Additionally, TS Class offers a flexible study schedule that can be chosen by myself and brings highly competent teachers.

Thanks to this S.O.S Program, I managed to achieve the award for the TOP STUDENT (RANK 1) in the 12th Grade Science Class 4, at SMAN 22 Bandung during my graduation in 2023!

Aro Shinbi Kalyca C.P..

(SD Al-Azhar Syifa Budi Solo)

The S.O.S Program was very helpful to me during the last sixth grade. This program assisted me with the homework assigned by the teachers and also when I wanted to ask about a lesson that I feel I haven't fully understood yet. The way the teachers explain the lessons is also very clear.

Yohanna Valentina R.

(SMAN BPK Penabur Bandung)

Not going to lie, the S.O.S Program tremendously helped me in answering my questions and expanding my knowledge of school subjects, particularly Accounting, Math, and Economics.

It also help me for about a year in doing General Proofreading on my university and scholarship essays, including my partially funded exchange to Europe. The teachers are truly outstanding. So, I never hesitated to use S.O.S during my final academic year, until I succeeded in finishing my school phase as a Valedictorian.

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