Welcome to HOTs

A learning centre committed to providing a comprehensive, integrated and challenging learning environment that prepares students for success in academics and life.

Kindergarten up to university level (National, MOE, IB, Cambridge curriculum)


Study Online Solutions

Providing solutions for any questions

Additional live sessions with our teachers

Helping students 24/7

National and International Curriculums

Enrichment Courses

HOTS Education offers a series of enrichment video classes which provide supplemental learning experiences going beyond the regular classroom set-up.

Offline Programs

HOTs Education is tailored for each student’s needs. Available for both offline and online classes. Let us find a personalized program just for you.

Regular class

Daily classes from Monday to Saturday, available only for International Curriculums

Private Class

One-on-one sessions by subject.
Available in package of 12 or 24 sessions

Exam Preparation / Intensive Class

Intensive program focusing on university entrance or high school completion exams (IGCSE, AS, A2, SAT, GMAT, etc.)

Hands-On Practicals

On-site labs conducted at HOTs Education centre (PIK, North Jakarta) Available for Physics, Biology and Chemistry AS Level Practical exams


For years, HOTS Education had been working hand in hand with families in guiding and shaping young minds. Check out some testimonials about HOTS Education from parents and students all over Indonesia.