Frequently Asked Questions

To register as a Student, click the register button on the top right of HOTs Education Platform. If you’re a teacher, contact our HOTs Education Admin to get a registration link.

If you’re a Regular Student, you can contact HOTs Education Admin to give you access to some of the features. You need to Subscribe and pay to use the Solutions feature.

Regular class might be included in our offline class, whereas S.O.S is a full online lesson provided by HOTs Education.

You need to subscribe to Solutions first before purchasing credits for TroubleShooting Class

Solutions is HOTs Education feature to ask questions for any subject through chat in HOTs Education Platform. Whereas TroubleShooting Class is a 60-minute session to meet teachers online and directly discuss any subject. TS is considered as our add-ons to Solutions Subscription

Please contact our HOTs Education Admin to consult your personal needs!

You can find your answered questions in the ‘unrated’ tab in the Solutions page.

We have 10 questions limit per day.

Any questions can be asked. Multiple Choice Questions will be considered one question per number, whereas an Essay will be answered with guidelines points.

You can't submit another question because there is an answered question you haven’t rated. Try checking the ‘unrated’ tab in the Solutions page.


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