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Designed for AS Level Physics. This program aims to enhance the basics of students' understanding about DC Circuits. AS Level understanding of Electrical circuit quantities such as Charge,Current, Potential Difference, EMF, Resistance and Ohm’s Law is needed from students for studying the program. It is a core topic for As Examinations and could also be related to other AS Physics Chapters. Students will be able to: 1. Understand the effects of the internal resistance of a source of e.m.f. on the terminal potential difference 2. Recall Kirchoff's Laws 3. Use Kirchhoff’s laws to solve simple circuit problems 4. Apply knowledge in practical use

Course Overview

  • Resistivity, Resistance Combinations and Effects o

  • 3 Video , 1 Worksheet, 1 Reading Material

  • 1 Weeks to complete

  • Beginner

  • English

Instructor Info

Ms. Dayanara Mae Esmillarin

Bachelor of Science, Electronics and Communications Engineering,Technological University of the Phil

Senior Physics Teacher

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