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IDR 200,000 (Duration: 1 weeks)
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Designed for IGCSE Chemistry. This program would help you to understand about basic concept of learning chemistry, a good choice to increase your skill on solving chemistry questions. The program is beginners level, pupils will enter to chemistry course. This program have key concept and point by point to understand flow of chemistry subject. During course will have some methods and guidelines to solve some chemistry problem. By the end of the program, students will learn basic concept of writing chemical equations, stoichiometry , periodic table, Titration, Qualitative analysis (concept of salt), Redox and energy changes.

Course Overview

  • Writing Chemical Equations

  • 5 Video , 5 Worksheet, 1 Reading Material

  • 1 Weeks to complete

  • Beginners

  • English

Learning objective

Instructor Info

Endah Caturingtyas

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, ISTA Jakarta

Senior Chemistry Teacher